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kids Renaissance costume buccaneer Pirate swashbuckler child's boys or girls blue frock coat

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This Renaissance costume is premade... The costume consists of a bluee wool
frock coat. This childs costume would look great at any Faire, reenactment, or
Pirates Ball.

~The coat~

The Frock coat is for a child boy or girl, it is a fully functional frock
coat, meaning it has working pockets, it is lined and it buttons closed.the
buttons are lead free pewter filagree. the lining is a silk blend. It very
comfortable and easy to wear~ The material is extremely durable.

The colors are rich and vibrant.

The frock coat is for a child ages about 4 years to 10 years
measurements are
chest 31"
length from nape of neck to hemm is 30"

Sadly any accessories not mentioned in the description, like the Caviler hat
and belt.. are my personal props and not for sale.

please email me if you have any questions.

I have been making Costumes since 1982 and attend all the faires i can get to,
I like my costumes to be very wearable...Meaning they must stand up to years of
enjoyment. I still wear one of the first dresses i ever made, its color has
lasted for more then 30 years and i still get compliments on it every time i
wear it, thats because i use the best fabrics found and take my time making the
costumes, I am not into mass producing and making hundreds of the same thing.
Sewing is peaceful to me and i enjoy it very much.

If you have any idea's about a special costume, style or color, drop me a
line, i like a good challange and love custom orders...I have made costumes for
movie premiers, plays, fairs and romance novel book covers. Some with wolf
themes, vampire, gothic, steampunk and fairy, So far my favorite was a jeweled
dragonfly bodice with a deep wine colored skirt, but all the costumes i have
made were equally enchanting to see when finished.

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